Sunday, February 26, 2012

Abdul Gaffoor Mosque (National Monument)

The Abdul Gaffoor Mosque is situated on 41 Dunlop Street in Little India, the mosque was formerly know as Al-Abrar Mosque. Yes, it is found in Dunlop Street the street that was renamed in the 1870s. The Mosque was built in 1846 with the name of Al-Abrar Mosque, to cater for the religious needs of the Indian Muslim community, it was a simple wooden structure with a tilted roof. Around 1881, a endowment fund was set up with the vision of rebuilding the Al-Abrar mosque.

In 1887, Shaik Abdul Gaffoor Bin Shaik Hyder, a mosque trustee managed to obtain permits to built shop-houses around the dilapidated mosque. With the increase of rental income from the shop-houses that were being constructed, there was enough funds to start the re-construction of Al-Abrar Mosque in 1907. The Mosque took 20 years for it to be completely finished and the mosque was renamed to Abdul Gaffoor Mosque the last surviving trustee  of the endowment fund.

The mosque has a total surface area of 2,449 sqm. The architectural design was different to the normal mosque that you can find in Singapore. The mosque has a fusion of Southern India and Moorish style to it, that explains for the use of exquisite coloured glass copulas held by Roman and Saracen pillars.


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