Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

When we first saw the temple, we wanted to straight take a picture of the temple and the signboard. However, someone in our group pointed to the rest of us saying that it was the back gate of the temple. At this point, we were already started to feel tired from all the walking. So all of us walked all the way to the main street where the entrance of the temple was. When we were at the entrance, we saw that the temple was quite packed. There were some tourists too. 

The front view of the temple
Sri Veeramakaliaman Temple was built in dedication to Goddess Kaliaman whom would act as a protector for the hindus as they believe that Goddess is a destroyer of all evils.  It’s original name was Soonambu Kamban Kovil known as ‘temple at the village of lime’.   

This temple was built in 1855 by some Indian labourers who worked at the lime kilns. The temple consists of the main hall and the shrine. On the outlook of the temple, we could see Hindu deities mounted on the tower of the temple. With this structure, people from across the street could identify the temple and thus able to say their prayers at a distance. Lotus was being used as part of the architecture of the temple. This could be seen when Vishnu holds a lotus on his hand and Lakshmi was seating on the lotus itself.

Lakshmi on the Lotus
This temple is one of the temples for Hindus celebrating Thaipusam. Thus during Thaipusam, this temple will be flooded with people celebrating the event.


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