Monday, February 27, 2012

Church of the True Light

It took us some time to look for the church. We were unsure of the location of the church although we had the map. After a long walk along Dunlop Street, we finally spotted the church.

Finally, we spotted the church

Us looking around the church

Church of the True Light was built by a group of Christian students in 1952. Construction was on hold due to World War II in Singapore. Hence, construction of the church began after World War II. The church was named after a group of Christians students led by Mr Guok Koh Muo.

A group picture
This Church was built for trishaw riders who had lived and worked around 25-G Perak Road. This church is also targeted at the Chinese community as the idea was originated by Miss Apple, a missionary from a church in England. She wanted to organise a mission to the Hing-Hwa speaking Chinese. Therefore, that explains why we could see Chinese characters on the wall of the church. The church also provided free clinic and a kindergarten.

Chinese characters crave on the stone

[2] Singapore Heritage Board signage

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