Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little India Arcade

Ah Pek: "What a multi-racial group.."
Wee Loon: Uncle, I don't feel comfortable with you looking at us in this manner!"

Little India Arcade is located at 48 Serangoon Road and this arcade is made up of a cluster of buildings which dates back to 1913.

This is one of the two tow plagues that you can find in Little India Arcade. One is located on a pillar at the corner of Hastings and Serangoon Road. The other is located on the corner of Campbell lane and Serangoon Road. The plagues are written in Tamil and the former tell us about the people who came to work here from Kerala and Tamil Nadu and has an animal head which is believed to represent a cow or a buffalo. It serves as a reminder of the cattle trade activities in the area. The latter refers to the ‘burning ground’ (probably refers to cremation) belonging to the ‘Hindoo people of Madras and Singapore’.

This arcade is a labyrinth of shops selling all things Indian, ranging from Indian textiles to snacks like Gulam Jamun(cream cheese ball with syrup). Besides shopping, there is also an Indian cultural centre within the arcade. The admission is free and is only open on Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 9pm. Do visit the Cultural Corner for an introduction to Little India. 

Our cute as a button Miss Beth heartily welcomed us at the Cultural Corner.

Si Ming wanted to shop for a little while as she was captivated by the pretty bags and exquisite containers. However, we had to pull her along as we still had three quarters of the trail uncovered. 

What a pity...  =(

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