Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tekka Market

Our first stop was Tekka Market. After so many years of eating at Tekka Market, it has never come to my mind what ‘Tekka’ actually meant.

Say "Cheese" for our first picture!

After researching, we learnt that ‘Tekka’ in Hokkien means ‘bamboo clumps’ which once grew abundantly on the banks of Rochor Canal. Therefore, when a market was built there in 1915, it was named after this plant by the people. 

Located @ 665 Buffalo Road

Originally, the market was located across the street between Hastings Road and Sungei Road. As in 1982, it was torn down, relocated across the street to its present location and renamed ZhuJiao Market. However, the residents felt strongly about the old name as it reflected the history of the place. Hence, in November 2000, the market was renamed as Tekka Market.

Our lunch for the day! Yummy!

After researching further, we stumbled across another interesting fact. Tekka Market was also known as Kandang Kerbau (or just KK) Market to the Malays, as buffaloes were reared in the area. Kandang Kerbau stands for "buffalo shed" in Malay. Presently, a new shopping centre named Tekka Mall stands on the original location of the market. This shopping centre provides a link to the old Tekka Market and its past.

Information Board on "Tekka Market"

Look at the stall directory! There are so many stalls here.

The Tekka Market is reminiscent of Indian Culture and Taste. The Tamil speaking stallholders who are basically Chinese would draw your attention. Additionally, if you are looking for exclusive Indian Attires, Tekka Market is the right place to be. However, if you are looking for other things, not only Indian, Tekka Market also has Buddhist and Taoist stuffs.

The buzzing wet market @ Tekka Market

Up till today, the Tekka Market, which is a multi-use building complex comprising a wet market, food centre and shops, continues to be a landmark in Little India where different ethnic communities come to shop. It is possibly Singapore's largest indoor wet market and boasts an incredible array of seafood, meat and fresh produce including herbs such as fresh dill and lush roma tomatoes hardly found anywhere else.

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