Monday, February 27, 2012

Leong San See Temple

We had to walk a long way to find the Leong San See Temple. At last, We found it!
That's us standing infront of the temple.

The Leong San See Temple which is also known as the Dragon mountain temple, was established by a monk, Reverend Chun Wu. He came to Singapore from Fujian, China in 1913. He brought along a statue of Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and an urn. His intention was to establish a lodge for treating the sick. Soon the lodge which consisted small huts became an elaborated temple with the support from funding from the devotees. One of them were Tan Boon Liat, a local merchant and philanthropist.

In 1925, it was necessary to establish a school for the population of children living around the temple. So, Leong San School was established. The school was soon overcrowded and more classrooms were needed. An abbot of the temple, Venerable Sek Kong Hiap took over and decided that a new school had to be built and replace the Leong San School. The land opposite the temple was reserved to built Mee Toh temple, but was convinced that education was more vital and a new school was built, Mee Toh School. The school however have been relocated to 21 Edgedale plains but till today it is closely linked to the temple. This fact actually surprised us. Well... we wonder if any other schools are linked to temples in Singapore.


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